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Our mission is to maximize the academic achievement, personal growth, and professional opportunities of people who struggle with math learning difficulties. Our goal is to change the lived experience of people with dyscalculia, the math learning disorder.

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Facts, figures, definitions:

  • Dyscalculia is a type of neurodivergence: A difference in brain development or function.

  • It is classified as a Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) in education.

  • SLDs include dyscalculia (math), dyslexia (reading), dysgraphia (writing), and dyspraxia (movement).

  • Dyscalculia lasts a lifetime; adults have the same math experience as students.

  • About 5 million K-12 students in the United States have dyscalculia.

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The DTRI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Iowa.

Our work is worldwide.

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