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Making a Difference

DTRI is pleased to offer Financial Literacy for People with Dyscalculia, a free, online course that explains banking, credit, debt, home and auto purchases, and more. The lessons are direct; the quizzes are optional; the math is fully explained. We offer this course to help adults with dyscalculia gain control over their finances. Your donations help keep programs like this free for everyone. Thank you.


Even though 5 million K-12 students are affected by dyscalculia in the United States, few educators know what it is or how to help. Some don't even believe dyscalculia is real!


Our awareness campaigns give teachers, administrators, and school counselors the facts about dyscalculia.


The amount of published research on dyscalculia is about 10% the amount published on dyslexia, the reading-based Specific Learning Disorder.

This must change!

The DTRI is committed to conducting research on the math learning disability. Fellow researchers, doctors, and graduate students are encouraged to join us.


People with dyscalculia need our support. They need advocates, as well as training in self-advocacy. They need the facts about dyscalculia so they can share them with schools and employers. They need a community of people who understand because they think similarly.

The DTRI brings together these resources and more.

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