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Math Formulas and a Calculator


Creating Meaningful Impact

The DTRI is committed to raising awareness of dyscalculia: the math learning disability.

Dyscalculia causes people to lose math information over time, and leads to school struggles, limited college and career choices, and loss of earnings and self-esteem.

All of this is unnecessary, because supporting people with dyscalculia is easy when educators and employers are aware of the learning difference.

Join us and change the math experience for students and adults with dyscalculia.


The DTRI is women-led and math-focused.

Our board of directors includes teachers, psychologists, and parents who understand dyscalculia.

Our leadership team is committed expanding awareness and research about this neurodiverse Specific Learning Disorder.

Honora Wall, Ed.D.

Founder and Executive Director

Dr. Wall has 18 years experience helping struggling students succeed in math. Her research focus is dyscalculia.

Learn more about Dr. Wall's work on her YouTube channel, or follow drwall_MLD on TikTok and Instagram.

Alexandra Sanchez, Esq.

Board Member

Alex Sanchez guides the team in legal considerations for students and employees with dyscalculia.

Dr. Margaret Mustelier

Board Member

A leading psychologist, Dr. Mustelier guides our team in understanding the lived experiences of those with dyscalculia.

Elizabeth Lampignano, Alissa Haymin, Marti Steele

Board Members and Parent Advisors

Our advisors are all educators and parents of children with learning challenges.

Our team understands dyscalculia both in the classroom and at home.

The Dyscalculia Training & Research Institute is proud to be women-led and math-focused.

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